We develop drones for Ukraine

So far we helped  Ukraine with:

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Observation drones
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Funds collected:
935.000 $
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First-Person-View (FPV) drones
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Jammers and Amplifiers
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FPV accesories

Our fundraising activities

Delivering drones

This is a critical initiative to support our efforts in developing and delivering custom FPV drones to the front lines in Eastern Ukraine. Facing combat zones and hostile encounters, we also provide on-site training to Ukrainian pilots.

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Buying a Volunteer van

We aim to acquire a 4x4 van to serve multiple purposes: as a backup vehicle for volunteers transporting drones to Ukraine, a ground station for drone operators, a mobile drone repair shop during missions, and a training hub for new drone operators.

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Helping where needed

Supporting us is more than just a donation; it's an investment in freedom. Whether you can contribute expertise, or spread the word – every bit helps. Together, we can ensure that Ukraine's defenders have the tools they need to protect their land and people.